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Creating A Bullet Journal - June

Creating A Bullet Journal - June

Oh my god… my jetlag is so bad right now. I just got back to Sweden and last night I just could not make myself fall asleep. To keep me busy I decided to create a Bullet Journal! I’ve always liked to doodle and write, and after coming back home from a long trip it felt god to get a little bit of structure for the next few weeks.I found some inspiration on Pinterest for the layout. I already miss seeing the California Poppys on the side of the street everyday, so that’s the theme I went for! I hope you like it, even though it’s a little different from the whole baking and beauty stuff.


Below you can watch a video of me structuring my bullet journal pages! I am sorry about the lighting, as I said my jetlag is weird and I drew this in the middle of the night/ at 4 am in the morning so I hope you can tolerate it! If you like seeing this type of content or have any tips I’d be happy to read your comments about it!