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(A very long) Review of Too Faced Peach Perfect Foundation

(A very long) Review of Too Faced Peach Perfect Foundation

I had heard a lot of mixed reviews on this foundation before I decided to try it myself. Some people seemed to love it, other people not so much. I really liked Born This Way foundation from Too Faced, so I decided to give their Peach Perfect foundation a try. I am, as you can see, very pale and I am using the lightest shade in the range called Snow. I did not use a primer underneath the foundation.


When you read about the foundation, this is what it is supposed to be like:

  • Matte velvety finish

  • Oil free

  • 14 hour wear

  • Photograph friendly

  • Medium coverage

  • Never cakey

I started applying the foundation with a beauty blender, as they recommended, but the formula is very thick and I thought the beauty blender absorbed too much product. But after trying to apply it with a brush as well, I decided that beauty blender was the best way. It dries very fast and gets a very powdery finish. It felt thick, sticky and hard to blend out.

After about two hours I looked at my face in the mirror again and I felt like it looked a lot better after it had time to set. Still looked very dry and matte and a little cakey. It makes my pores and fine lines very visible, and normally I never have problems with creasing under my eyes, but this foundation really enhances that. I had a little dry patch on my chin and the foundation made it very visible. I feel like using a good primer would help a lot with the pores and fine lines.

First applying it

First applying it

After 14 hours of wearing

After 14 hours of wearing

After wearing it for 14 hours, and not touching it up, i was pretty impressed. It stays in place and keeps being matte throughout the day, but i could note a big difference in my T-zone towards the last hours of wearing it.

So, does it live up to it’s promises?

  • Matte velvety finish - It’s definitely matte but i would say it’s more powdery than velvety.

  • Oil free - yes

  • 14 hour wear - I would say it looks as good as when applying it for the first 9 hours, then it looses it’s matte finish.

  • Photograph friendly - yes

  • Medium coverage - yes

  • Never cakey - no. very cakey if you have dry skin

Over all it’s not a bad foundation, but I think there are better ones for my skin. I have dry/combination skin. I would not repurchase this foundation, although i do not regret buying it.

I would love to make this foundation work better for me, so if you have tried it please let me know if you have any tips! I am also looking for a good primer, so please comment what your favorite one is. Thank you for reading!

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